Beta Squared Lithography, Inc (formally Perkin Elmer) OS2000 Micralign

Beta Squared Lithography

Product ID: 17100

Category: Front-End Processing Equipment

Equipment Type: Mask Aligners

Usage History: Used 5+ Years

Current State: Functional - Disassembled Demonstrable

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Equipment Details

  • Resolution: 1.25um lines and spaces, UV-4 (340-440nm); 1.0um lines and spaces, UV-3 (300-350nm)åÊ
  • Machine to machine overlay: +/- 0.25um, 125/100mm systems, 98% of data, +/-0.30um, 150mm systems, 98% of dataåÊ
  • Machine to itself overlay: +/- 0.25 um, 98% of dataåÊ
  • Throughput: 120 wafers per hour, 125/100mm systems, 100 wafers per hour 150mm systemsåÊ
  • Depth of focus: +/- 6um for 1.5um lines and spacesåÊ
  • Focus Stability: +/- 2.0um over 6 daysåÊ
  • Focus Range: +/- 200um, +/-450um w/extended bellows chuck (only available with OS2000)åÊ
  • Partial Coherence: Variable, 0.37 to 0.86åÊ
  • Numerical Aperture: .167åÊ
  • Uniformity of Illumination: +/- 3.0%åÊ
  • Particle Generation: <7 particles per wafer pass (1.0um or larger)åÊ
  • Prealignment and first-level placement accuracy: +/-15umåÊ
  • Footprint: 18.65 square feet (1.732 square meter)åÊ
  • Wafer / substrate size standard: 100, 125, 150mm (other configurations available on special order)åÊ
  • Electrical: 120vac at 10amps, or 240vac at 5 amps (computer, display unit, motor unit)åÊ
  • Overall throughput yield: up to 30% increase in production capacity due to the following:åÊ
  • Operator setup time reduction:åÊ
    • Mask and wafer stage locations of each process are saved. Future downloading of a process places the mask and wafer stag to the process‰۪s pre-determined location that is close to previous alignment.åÊ
    • Focus starting actuator positions (opcode 121) for each process lot are determined automatically allowing for seamless loading of thin and thick wafers, they are detected automatically and run without interruption.åÊ
  • Processing time reduction:åÊ
    • 99.9% of all your current processes will run automatically without assists (ie: manual jobs will run automatically). This benefit to throughput will vary depending on processes run in your facility.åÊ
    • Current difficult automatic alignments due to poor target definition run faster and with no interruptions (IE: Phantom Line, iteration count exceeded).åÊ
    • Reduction in test wafers due to predetermined mask and wafer stage pre-loading. This allows more stability due to consistent stage spring loading, which reduces alignment, scan mag and skew errors during scanning.åÊ
    • Faster IA due to prealigner feedback loop that automatically removes theta error from process jobs by electronically updating and offsetting the Prealignment position.åÊ
  • Mis-processing reductions:åÊ
    • Overlay corrections (alignment, mag, skew) are easier, less error prone by using data input fields that allow corrections to be made and viewed along with history.åÊ
    • Focus starting actuator positions (opcode 121) for each process lot are determined automatically and prevents wafer breakage due to crashing into gauge head.åÊ
    • Process download / run checking to eliminate processing with incorrect Mask.åÊ
  • Uniformity features:åÊ
    • Lamp hour monitor that is reset during a lamp change.åÊ
    • Automatic uniformity arm positioning to high and low slit position for ease of adjustmentsåÊ
    • Full graphic display of uniformity around the slit imageåÊ
    • Aperture default is configurable to place proper aperture in placeåÊ
    • All critical information display on one screenåÊ
    • Hold flag position is settable through software (IE: no more hard to access adjustments through the back of the machine)åÊ
  • Mask load features:åÊ
    • Vacuum failure allows a retry operation avoiding the need to unload the MaskåÊ
  • History:åÊ
    • This system was purchased new from the OEM and ran in an R&D facility producing LED‰۪s.åÊ
    • Original purchase price of 640,000.00åÊ
    • The condition is excellent and known workingåÊ
    • The company was purchased and technology transferred out of state, thus the line is no longer needed ‰ÛÒ therefore the system is available and comes complete with several spare parts and user‰۪s manuals

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