Product ID: 17290

Category: Front-End Processing Equipment

Equipment Type: Wafer Grinding, Lapping & Polishing

Usage History: Used 5+ Years

Current State: Functional - Disassembled Demonstrable

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Equipment Details

The Disco DFD 640 is an automatic wafer dicing saw for wafers up to 8". The Disco DFD 640 has a programmable spindle speed and variable feed rate to allow for maximum dicing control and repeatability.

Equipment Specifications:

DFD 640, Automatic Dicing Saw for application Dicing/Cutting/Slotting for 8 inch wafer

  • Workpiece size 203.2 (mm)
  • X-axis Useable stroke 210 (mm)
  • Cut speed 0.1 ~ 450 (mm/s)
  • Y-axis Useable stroke 210 (mm)
  • Indexing step 0.0002 (mm)
  • Position accuracy (cumulative pitch) 0.002 (mm)
  • Position accuracy (single pitch) 0.003/210 (mm)
  • Scale resolution 0.0002 (mm)
  • Z-axis Maximum cutting stroke 10 (for ø2"blade) (mm)
  • Minimum step 0.00025 (mm)
  • Repeating accuracy 0.001 (mm)
  • Maximum blade size 61 (mm)
  • SP-axis Max revolution 3000 (min-1[rpm])
  • Θ - axis Rotation angle (max.) 380 (deg)
  • Spindle Output 1.5 (kW)
  • Maximum revolution 60,000 (min-1[rpm])
  • Applicable Tape Frame MAX 2-8-1  
  • Utilities Power supply 3Phase 200V  
  • 50-60Hz  
  • Power consumption
  • When processing 1.7 (kW)
  • During warm-up 1.3 (kW)
  • Maximum power 4 (kVA)
  • Air pressure(Not including Airgun) 0.49[5.0] (MPa[kgf/cm2])
  • Air flow rate(Not including Airgun) 300 (L/min(ANR))
  • Water pressure 0.29[3.0] (MPa[kgf/cm2])
  • Water flow rate
  • Cutting water 1.0~8.0 (L/min)
  • Cleaning water 1.0~8.0 (L/min)
  • Duct required suction 5 (m3/min)
  • Apperance Machine size 880W x 1,168D x 1,235H (mm)
  • Machine weight 800 (kg)

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