Leica / Vistec INS-1000 Wafer Inspection Station

Leica / Vistec

Product ID: 11040

Category: Front-End Processing Equipment

Equipment Type: Lasers and Light Sources

Usage History: Refurbished

Current State: Functional - Installed Demonstrable

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Equipment Details

The Leica / Vistec INS-1000 is an ergonomically designed optical wafer inspection station featuring a custom designed robotics handling system and stage ultimate in accuracy and stability, a Leica INM-200 Microscope assembly and an IBM Compatible PC system providing Windows NT based User Interface (UI) software. The Leica / Vistec INS-1000 User Interface provides: (1) automated access to robotics and microscopy hardware in a manner which facilitates visual inspection of semiconductor wafers, (2) the capability to use a video display to present status and controls to the operator, (3) the capability to accept operator input through the keyboard, mouse and joystick and (4) Simple, quick, intuitive control and programming of the system with minimal training. The Leica / Vistec INS-1000 supports two types of wafer inspection: (1) Macro Inspection - a bright light inspection performed on the PreAligner and (2) Micro Inspection - inspection performed on the stage with microscope viewing.

Equipment Vintage:March 1999
Microscope Type:Leica INM200
Microscope Objectives:PL FLUOTAR 2.5x BD, PL FLUOTAR 10x BD, PL FLUOTAR 20x, PL FLUOTAR 50x, and PL APO 100x
Microscope Oculars:10x
Optics:Brightfield, Darkfield and Differential Interface Contrast (DIC)
Video Camera:Digital color video camera with color monitoring for easy viewing
Video Control:Optronics Engineering DEI-750 color video camera controller
Microscope Stage Movement:x=8 inches; y=10 inches
Microscope Focus:Auto focus with fine adjust
Macro Inspection:Wafer-wobble station

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