NICOLET 960-ESP FT-RAMAN spectrometer


Product ID: 11245

Category: Lab Equipment

Equipment Type: Spectrometers

Usage History: Refurbished

Current State: Functional - Disassembled Demonstrable

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Equipment Details

960-ESP FT-RAMAN spectrometer
Gold-coated reflective optics
Non-destructive sampling
Analysis of samples to below 50 microns in size
Diode pumped 1064nm solid state laser
High sensitivity Ge LN2 cooled detector
Range 3600 to 100 cm-1 Raman (Stokes) shift
FT-Raman 180 degree reflective optics
Sample holder accessory kit
OMNIC bench software

Available Options:
FT-Raman view stage
G-XT video image card
Raman 960 32bit Bench driver CD
Professional Edition TQ Analyst CD
Wotton FT-Raman sample rotator
Wotton FT-Raman liquid phase hot cell
Wotton universal power supply
Wotton FT-Raman sealed solid phase hot cell
Wotton sample rotator battery pack
2000 vintage.
All equipment sold is carefully tested and backed by a 60 day parts warranty. Exceptions to the warranty coverage include lamps, laser tubes, and consummable items

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