PANalytical X'Pert PRO MRD X-Ray Diffraction System


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Category: Back-End Processing Equipment

Equipment Type: X-ray

Usage History: Refurbished

Current State: Functional - Disassembled Demonstrable

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Type: X-ray

Equipment Details

PANalytical XPert PRO MRD X-Ray Diffraction System

This system is configured for; X-ray Reflectivity and Glancing Incidence

Diffractometer Console

Ceramic X-Ray Tube Cu, LFF

Ni Beta Filter For Cu Radiation

Extended Interface Between Tube Tower, Goniometer

The prefix mounts allow for alignment free switching between different configurations.

MRD High Resolution Horizontal Goniometer The theta and 2theta drives are independently positioned using the unique Direct Optical Position Sensing (DOPS) servo control system. Using DC motors, the goniometer delivers incredible performance with arc second accuracy. The specifications; reproducibility +/- 0.0002 degrees, slew speed 12 degrees per second, minimum step size 0.0002 degrees, 2theta range -40 to 170 degrees.

Open Eulerian Cradle, With X-Y-Z Sample Stage

A robust, yet highly accurate and precise, open Eulerian cradle, with computer controlled X-Y-Z sample stage. The ability to orient specimens in phi and psi (chi), as well as translate them in X and Y, plus adjust their height (relative to the x-ray beam) in Z, provides the ability to collect numerous types of diffraction data.

- Phi (Chi) rotation: Range 180degrees (+/-90degrees), minimum step size 0.01degrees, reproducibility <0.01degrees, slew speed 2.50/sec.

- Phi rotation: Range 2 x 360degrees, minimum step size 0.02degrees, reproducibility <0.01degrees, slew speed 70degrees/sec.

- X & Y translation (motorized): Range 100 mm x 100 mm, minimum step size 0.01 mm, slew speed 15 mm/sec.

- Z translation (motorized): Range 12 mm, minimum step size 1.0 micron.

- Sample dimensions: Maximum height 24 mm, maximum weight 0.5 kg, maximum width (diameter) between 4 inches (full x-y scan) and 8 inches (limited x-y scan).

X-ray mirror for Cu radiation

Soller Slit 0.04 Radians

Soller slit 0.04 radians for incident and diffracted beam

Beam Attenuator Cable

Prefix Optics, Parallel Beam Collimator 0.27 degrees

This assembly consists of a long parallel plate collimator

Point/ Proportional X-ray Detector

Dimensions 54"w x 36"d x 76"h

Dell PC

PANalytical Software included with license no.  

X'Pert Data Collector version 2.2d

X'Pert HighScore version 2.2b

X'Pert Reflectivity version 1.2a

National Instruments NI LabView DAQMX for Windows 2000/XP/Vista

Relational Database (International Centre for Diffraction Data) PDF-4+ 2010

This system is carefully tested and backed by a 60 day parts warranty. Exceptions to the warranty coverage include lamps, laser tubes, and consumable items.

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