Veeco/Miller Design FPP5000 Four Point Probe


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Category: Back-End Processing Equipment

Equipment Type: Probers

Usage History: Refurbished

Current State: Functional - Disassembled Demonstrable

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Type: Probers

Equipment Details

Easy to operate, simply load the wafer and close the lid.

Automatic calculation and display of sheet or slice resistivity, V/I metallization thickness and P-N type.
Ideal for epitaxial, diffused, ion implanted and metallized layers.
Internal self calibration at each measurement ensures instrument accuracy of 0.5%.
Automatic geometric correction using two-probe configuration technique minimizes errors due to variation in probe tip spacing. The FPP-5000 4-Point Probe simplifies the measurement of resistive properties of semiconductor wafers and resistive films. The microprocessor based electronics permits direct computation of V/I, sheet or slice resistivity, metallization thickness and P-N type testing. The electronics and probing mechanism is contained in a single compact package. The rugged cast aluminum housing assures mechanical integrity of the probe mechanism. The probing mechanism features a constant force probe head which is rigidly fixed in the housing. Unlike most four point probes and probing stations, which move the probe head into the wafer, the FPP-5000 is designed so that the wafer is moved into the probe head. This insures constant probe force independent of operator force and wafer thickness. An indexing wafer holder allows repeatable probe positioning. Plug in probe heads simplify the changing of probe heads. Electromagnetic interference on high resistivity materials is minimized by an integral cover which is electrically grounded to the chassis. A measurement is automatically made each time the wafer is lowered onto the probe tips. Additional measurements can be made without lifting the cover by depressing the RETEST button. A normal (or forward) and reverse current measurement is made each time a measurement is made. This results in an automatic indication, through an error code, if the probe head is out of adjustment or is excessively worn. Questionable or invalid tests are also indicated by error code displays. The input amplifier is automatically calibrated for each measurement insuring an accuracy of +/- 0.5% from 5.0 milliohm to 5k ohm. The test current is continuously variable to minimize test current and maximize signal level. The slice or layer thickness necessary to compute the slice resistivity is entered via keyboard switches in microns, mils or Angstroms. The thickness of the layer is entered. The FPP-5000 also can compute the sheet resistivity, compensated for probe tip variations and edge effects for thin semiconductor layers, particularly those formed during ion implantation. The FPP-5000 automatically performs a semiconductor type test if selected. First a rectification test is performed followed by a thermal type test if necessary. If the results are inconclusive the N and P indicators are simultaneously displayed. If desired, the unit will supply a short low-energy, high-voltage pulse to the probe tips in order to penetrate any thin insulating layer on the sample. Both penetration and typing tests are performed, if activated by front panel switches. However, the penetration tests can be disabled internally (or externally) if inadvertent application would be detrimental to the substrate under test.åÊ
Manufacturer: Veeco/Miller Design
Name/Model: FPP5000
Reference: R-4603
Serial: 606C Mft Date: 2011
All equipment sold is carefully tested and backed by a 60 day parts warranty. Exceptions to the warranty coverage include lamps, laser tubes, and consummable items

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