EKRA E5 Screen Printer


Product ID: 12253

Category: PC Board Assembly & Manufacturing Equipment & Manufacturing Equipment

Equipment Type: Screen Printers

Usage History: Used 5+ Years

Current State: Functional - Installed Demonstrable

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Equipment Details

Ekra Screen Printer
- Model: E5
- Voltage: 230

- 2 1/2 D Inspection
- Auto Stencil Wiper
- EVA Vision system
- 550 x 550mm Max Board Size
- Magnetic Pins & Plates

***PCB Handling
PCB size min.: 80 x 50 mm
max.: 550 x 550 mm
PCB thickness 0,5 - 6 mm
PCB clearance underside 23 mm
PCB clearance top and bottom side 2,5 mm, needed for PCB transport & clamping
0 mm for top side using side clamping
PCB transport height 830 - 950 mm
PCB support magnetic support pins and bars,
optional:dedicated workholder universal printnest
PCB hold down PCB clamping with knife edge from top
or side clamping, optional: vacuumnest
PCB transport direction left-> right, right--> left, left-> left, right--> right,
pass through
Conveyor configuration front or rear fix
PCB transport width adjustment motorised, software controlled
PCB warpage 1% of PCB diagonally, up to a max. of
11 mm including PCB thickness

Stencil size 320 x 320 mm, up to, 850 x 1000 mm
Frame thickness 25 - 40 mm, adjustable without adapter single
Number transport system single

***Print parameter
Print area max: 550 x 550 mm
Print speed 5 - 199 mm / sec.
Print head two independent pneumatic printheads, closed loop system,
self leveling squeegees
Print pressure 0 - 240 N
Snap-off speed 0,2 - 10 mm / sec.
Snap-off distance 0 - 3 mm
Snap-off -2 - +6 mm
PCB alignment x/y: ±4 mm, Theta: ±2

***Vision System
Fiducials 2 - 4 fiducials or any shape on PCB Layout
Fiducial size 0,7 - 3 mm2
Camera EVA Vision system with 2 CCD Cameras
Camera field of view 10 x 8 mm
Fiducial position inside print area
Fiducial Teach Patented teach in method

Alignment repeatability 12,5 µm at 6 Sigma
Alignment accuracy 25 µm at 6 Sigma
Cycle time < 12 sec. plus print
Set-Up < 5 min.
Product changeover < 3 min.

***General Data
Power requirements 230 V 50/60 Hz, 1 KW
Air supply requirements 4 - 6 bar, with vacuum cleaning 5,5 l/sec

Width 1280 mm
Depth 1500 mm
Height 1500 mm
Weight 920 kg appr.

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