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Category:Front-End Processing Equipment

Equipment Type:Etchers / Ashers

Usage History:Used < 1 Year

Current State: Functional - Disassembled Demonstrable

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Equipment Details

12" TEL Deep Trench Silicon Etcher

TEL Deep Trench Silicon Etcher
Model Telius SP 308 QS Etch Tool, (4) Chambers

Manufactured: 2007
Installation can be quoted separately.

- 5 Loader Ports, 300mm FOUP
- Load Locker Modules
- 4 Deep Trench Silicon Etcher (SCCM) Super Capacitively Coupled Module Chambers
- 40MHz and 3.2MHz dual Frequency Source (GEW3040 and NOVA50A
- ESD Chuck
- Temperature Control
- Process: 80um deep 90nm wide via silicon etch
- Installation Quote provided upon request

1. Chamber:
- Material: Aluminum Alloy (A6061)
- Surface Finishing: Hard Sulfuric Acid Anodizing
2. RF Application Method
- Apply upper RF to lower electrode
- Discharge Method: SCCM Type
3. Temperature Control
- Upper electrode: Temperature control by Heater and Cooling Water
- Lower electrode: Temperature control by circulating coolant
- Side Wall: Temperature control by heater
4. Upper Electrode: Quartz Cover or Aluminum Alloy(A6061) with Hard Sulfuric Acid Anodizing
5. Shield Ring
6. Lower Electrode: Ceramics electro static chuck
- Thermometer in lower electrode included
- Wafer holding method: Electrostatic chuck(f300) mechanism
7. Lifter: Resin
8. Focus Ring: Qz
9. Exhaust Plate: Aluminum Alloy with Hard Sulfuric Acid Anodizing
10. Insulation Ring: Quartz Cover or Aluminum Alloy(A6061) with Hard Sulfuric Acid Anodizing
11. Distance Between Electrodes: 30~35 mm
12. Magnet: Intensity:170G(center), Rotation:20+-1rpm
13. Pressuer Monitor: Each chamber has following three kind of pressure monitor
14. He B.P UNIT: Cooling Gas for Wafer back
- Pressure Switch: Cooling Gas for Wafer back
- Number of line/control range of pressure: Two lines (Center/Edge): 0~7980Pa (0~60Torr)
- He Monitor: Leakage monitor
- Detection of valve open/close: VALVE ON/OFF sensor
15. End Point Protection: SE2000
16. Confirmation of luminescence: Yes
17. Window: Orifice(Quartz)
18. Deposition Shield: Use removable depo-shield for easy cleaning of process chamber
- Material: Quartz
19. Shutter
- Plate: Aluminium Alloy with Hard Sulfuric Anodizing
- Drive: Air Cylinder
20. Final Valve: Valve:Diaphragm Type MEGA-One (Fujikin)
21. APC
22. Manifold: Alumi+A13nium Alloy with Hard Sulfuric Anodizing
23. O-Ring for Chamber: Chemratz

Performance Specifications:
1. Ultimate Vacuum: 0.0133 Pa(7.5*10-2 mTorr) or less
2. Leak Back: 0.133 Pa/min(1 mTorr/min) or less

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